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The philosophy of the Dick Ritger teaching program is based on the structure of a pyramid. Starting with the base of the pyramid each level must be solidly developed before you can work on the next level.


A series of skill drills are used to isolate specific parts of the game. Repetition of these skill drills creates muscle memory. The feelings are then blended together to create an overall solid foundation for the physical game.


Bowlers will be taught how to “read” the lane. A formula to play the lanes will be taught to allow students to line up to any lane condition in a maximum of three deliveries. Mathematical spares systems are taught to convert spares.


Every Athlete can be helped with the use of videotape analysis. In the Ritger program you will have the opportunity to watch yourself improve before your eyes! By video taping at the start, and then on the final day, you can compare and see how much you have improved your technique.

The Dick Ritger System provides the pure, true Perfect Feelings of Bowling™ leading to immediate improvements. These Perfect Feelings of Bowling™ will help you develop:

  • Consistent Release
  • Consistent Straight Arm Swing
  • Hand and Finger Position
  • Perfect Balance at the Foul Line
  • Consistent Follow Through
  • Free Arm Swing
  • Consistent Timing
  • Secondary Timing
  • Proper Push away for your style of bowling
  • Shoulder Leverage (Lift), (Dropped Shoulder)
  • Tempo Steps (Getting to the Foul Line Properly)
  • Finger Rotation

In our program you will also learn:

  • Proper technique to convert the 10 Pin up to 90%
  • Proper Adjustments to convert left and right side Spares
  • The Adjustment System that will consistently hit the strike pocket as the lanes change
  • Three Keys to Proper Leverage


Dick Ritger’s Veer System© is a line and angle system of high tech mathematical science, including adjustments that guarantees the ball to be in the strike pocket within 2-3 deliveries.

This is the system Dick used to win 20 PBA titles. This system incorporates the following:

  • Find Drift (Do you walk left, right or straight?)
  • Learn a Mathematical Formula to play the lanes
  • How to line up to hit Strike Pocket
  • Seven Check Points to line up
  • How to hit a target consistently
  • Bowl Straight Lines
  • Oil Patterns (walk the lane, touch various areas, discuss patterns)
  • Explain Skid, Hook, Roll
  • The Perfect Strike (What happens when Pin 7 or 10 is left standing)
  • Lane Reading (adjust to the strike pocket in 3 shots or less)
  • How to Bowl Angles and Adjust to Strike Pocket
  • Hand Positions
  • Bowl Line and Adjust to Strike Pocket
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