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  • Dick Ritger Bowling Camp Testimonials | Camp Graduates Kelly Kulick and Patrick Allen

    Dick Ritger Bowling Camps   •   800-SOS-BOWL (800-767-2695)   •   info@ritgerbowlingcamp.com

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    We love to hear how our students are doing after they attend our bowling program.  Please take the time to tell us your success stories. Many of our graduates have gone on to have great success.  Among those students we celebrate Kelly Kulick, Patrick Allen, and many others who have reached the top of college, youth and Professional rankings. Please take the time to tell us your success stories to  info@ritgerbowlingcamp.com

    Our Success Stories

    Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how the boys have done since going to your camp in Sioux Falls this past June. 

    Kodie won the JBT Las Vegas Open Handicap and Collin took second. They bowled the entire time exteremely well. On the first day of qualifying (6 games) Kodie bowled 199.6 scratch, he earned his way to the top of the leader board and never relenquished that spot the rest of the tourament. Through the whole tourament I believe they bowled right at 185 scratch and it wasn't just a house shot. They won $3020 & $1310 each at that tournament. They then bowled the USBC Open the next day and are currently sitting in first place in the doubles and Kodie is 2nd and Collin 12th in the singles with this weekend yet to go. It wasn't the easiest shot and they each had serries over 600. Collin's 610 was in the doubles and Kodie got his in the singles 608. Since camp they have really played the whole lanes moving accordingly. They proved that they have the mental toughness also to vertually go 4 straight days and never give up. It was really neat to see them bowl the championship match against each other.

    If you get some inquires from the Nampa, ID area it's very possible that its from some people that I promoted your camp to. I promoted to alot of people that asked me about the boys, one other fellow was from Houston that asked alot of questions.

    Thanks for work with the boys. 

    - Mike Lovejoy; Sioux Falls, SD July 2011

    I attended your June 2012 Dick Ritger in Rockford, Illinois.
    I had a great time, the coaches were all very nice (and patient).
    But most importantly, my scores have EXPLODED since returning home.
    I finished the 2011-12 winter season with a 205 average. I will finish the season somewhere around a 218 average.

    Didn't bowl a 700 series all year.
    This season has been phenomenal. 13 700 series, a 297 and a 300 game!
    It doesn't matter what your average is, or how good you THINK you are, there's always something to be learned and improved upon.

    Thank you so much to my camp coaches, they were all wonderful.
    I look forward to attending the repeat class in the future.


    - Keith Thomas - Rockford, IL Program 2012

    A follow up comment from Mr. Dilley: Last summer I attended your four-day bowling camp in Columbus, WI. Following the camp I sent you an e-mail telling you how much I enjoyed the learning experience there. This morning I finished my league season. I went from a 164 to a 185 average - and every bit of it is due to what I learned from your camp. Thank you once again. By the way, the camp was a birthday gift from my wife; I have thanked her every Tuesday this season!


    - Mike Dilley Columbus, WI June 2012 program

    I wanted to let you know that my daughter, Breanne bowled a
    300 game on 1/28/12. She had games of 264,300,191 for a 755 series.  Her average is currently 210 at Holiday Bowl and 196 at Bavarian Hall.

    Breanna came to the New Ritger Bowling Camp program in Newburgh/Fishkill, New York the summer of 2011.

    Thanks for everything.


    - Jim M., Pennsylvania February 2012

    I wanted to call to inform you five of our girls have gone to the State Tournament.  They are all very excited and proud of their accomplishments. They know their success is due to the Ritger Bowling Camps.  The girls first came to Canandaigua, NY in 2010, and returned to the "repeat" program in 2011 in Newburgh/Fishkill, NY.   They are heading to Junior Gold In Indianapolis in July!. We want to thank  the enitre staff for all of their help and support.

    - Jim K. Howell, NJ 2012 Bowling Father of the Howell Girls's Team; February 2012