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QUESTION: As a right handed bowler, if I'm leaving a lot of ringing ten pins, what adjustments should I consider making? Normally I just try a different ball or target line. Thanks!


ANSWER: There is such a small difference between leaving a solid ten and carrying a strike; the change necessary to carry is often very slight. There are many options to try...here are a few. Ask another instructor who has been doing this for a long time and you will get additional options.

1. Move back on the approach about 3-6 inches. The ball gets onto the lane a bit earlier and into its roll a bit earlier; often the result is better carry.
2. Target a bit closer on the lane.
3. A little more rotation might be the answer...or, a little less.
4. Some bowlers spread the index finger on the ball a little more.
5. A change in ball speed sometimes works...a little slower may do the job.
6. If moving on the lane, try paralel moves; 1-1 or 2-2. Left or right? Try both.
7. Another move that might work would be something like 5 and 3. Five with your feet and three with your target.
8. Hand position changes often help with better carry. A slightly firmer wrist may do the trick.
9. Often the difference between carrying the ten pin and not carrying it is just a slight more tension in your grip. Maybe a piece of tape in the thumb hole or an extra effort to relax the grip might make the difference.
10. And here is a tip that I guarantee will work. Practice making the ten pin so that it no longer is an issue WHEN you leave it. Once you have TOTAL confidence in your ability to pick up the ten pin...the fewer you will leave.

QUESTION:  I am an older bowler and need a tip on best release for me.  I use a 14# ball and target 10-12 board.

ANSWER: With such a limited amount of information on your individual style I will give you my best critque on what would be the best release for you.

1. Develop a release that gets the ball to hook (not too much, but a controlled hook).
2. Develop a release that you can repeat.
3. Develop a release that is comfortable and does not create pain or discomfort in you hand, wrist, arm or elbow.

Those are the most important suggestions I have for you right now. Most pro shops are great at helping out bowlers with various parts of their game...expecially the release of the ball. If you have a pro shop that is IBPSIA certified, I would talk with them.

QUESTION: When I release the ball I let my thumb out first at my ankle then rotate my hand. When I do that it curves early.

ANSWER: You have the right idea by letting your thumb out as the ball passes your ankle. If the ball hooks early you need to move further to your left on the approach and also you might try to move your target on the lane to the left as well. I am anticipating that you are right handed. If you are left handed, move to the right with your feet and target.

A good amount to move would be:
1. Move feet two or three boards left...if that does not work;
2. Move feet another two boards and move your target to the left two boards as well...if that does not work;
3. Change balls (if you can...to a ball that is not so agressive...if that does not work;
4. Move your feet and target another 3 boards to the left...if that does not work;
5. Come to one of our camps! Or, see a local coach who might help you with this problem.