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The Returning, or “Repeat” program, held in Newburgh~Fishkill, NY in the summer, is for students who have previously attended the "new" class in any location.  For the first time, we are offering a Midwest location (Rockford, Illinois-Don Carter Lanes) for the "returning" student. 

Once a bowler has attended one of our DRBC programs, they are eligible to come back to our ‘repeat program’. This second program is not a repeat of what was taught during the first camp, but a SPECIAL PROGRAM designed to bring many advanced techniques to a bowler’s game.

It is structured differently from the first time student class. We start with some review of the prior class material, then move on.
Here is a list of some of the new areas that we cover in the ‘repeat program’:

  • Video taped analysis of bowler’s release
  • How to handle pressure…and be successful
  • Lane conditions (PBA and other challenging patterns)
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Spare shooting options
  • Deep inside and extreme outside lane play
  • How to develop a positive routine
  • Hand position changes
  • Mental game toughness
  • Physical game consistency
  • Speed control – acceleration/deceleration
  • Much more!

Our first time program is coach directed, the ‘repeat program’ is very much student directed. In other words, we lay out the menu of things to work on (we set up stations) and the bowler decides what part of the menu (or which station) they would like to ‘sample’. If a bowler wants to work on spares, or hand position, or a long oil pattern for an entire day, they may. As bowlers go to different stations, there are coaches available to work with them.

In addition, we stress the mental game with many lectures and role playing to help with pressure, emotion control, goals, concentration, etc.

BRING A FRIEND! During our ‘new’ – ‘repeat’ weeks we split the bowling center in half and use part for the first time students and another section for the ‘repeat program’. If you are thinking of coming to our ‘repeat program’ you can bring a friend and you will each have your own instructional program to attend. However, you will be able to room together and spend all of your off lane time together (meals, evening activities, swimming, etc.). A FUN WEEK!

Are you interested in having a bowling program in your area? To schedule a program, please contact us at 800-SOS-BOWL (800-767-2695).

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