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The Feelings of Bowling

 The Perfect Strike Feeling

In The Feelings of Bowling Volume I, "The Perfect Strike Feeling," Dick Ritger teaches students the perfect release, balance, secondary timing, free pendulum swing, pushaway, tempo and timing steps. Everything is then blended together to develop the bowler's Perfect Strike Feeling, which is a smooth easy approach. Dick Ritger has created six skill drills keying on the perfect, true feelings every bowler wants during approach and delivery. The instructor version is great for coaches. Each drill has step-by-step instructions and safety tips which work easily into any teaching program. The Perfect Strike Feeling is the foundation of Ritger's Pyramid of Skill and a must for all bowlers.

To order please call 800-SOS-BOWL (800-767-2695)

Developing Accuracy and Playing Angles

In The Feelings of Bowling Volume II, "Developing Accuracy and Playing Angles," students learn how to compute their own personal number which will allow them to stand on an exact board, slide on the correct board and hit the exact target they choose. This video will teach you how to:

  • Find your natural drift or walk direction.
  • Determine your personal number and incorporate that number into a formula to allow you to hit an exact target.
  • Line/Angle bowling.
  • "Read the ball" -  pin contact to adjust to the strike pocket.
  • Pivot correctly when playing an angle.
  • See angles on the lane.
  • Use the "7-check points" to assist in developing accuracy.

To order please call 800-SOS-BOWL (800-767-2695)


Perfecting the Release

"Perfecting the Release", Volume III, is composed of self-help, isolated drills that help perfect your release and correct release mistakes. Topics include:

  • Finger rotation.
  • Thumb relax drill
  • Half palm technique
  • Arc of swing
  • Rhythm of swing

Plus many more. Each isolated technique allows the bowler to either perfect the present release or add other High Skill dimensions to that release. Added high skill release techniques, when perfected, allow improved ball reaction. This video also covers some of the common release mistakes and how to correct them.

To order please call 800-SOS-BOWL (800-767-2695) or Email us info@ritgerbowlingcamp.com

$25 each plus shipping and handling. 1- 2 items = $7.50 
                                                                       3-5 items =  $10.50

The Ritger System helps bowlers of all skill levels. Dick Ritger and his associates have helped more people around the world to bowl better than anyone in history.